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(Advertisement) "[Content Universe Korea] Invites You to the First-Ever 72-Hour Non-Stop Conference

The first 72-hour non-stop conference in Korea!!

November 9(Thu) ~ 11(Sat), 2023 / KINTEX 2 (Hall 8)

How to Register: Click to apply

Embark on an Epic Adventure: Three Days and Two Nights of Non-Stop Thrills at Contents Universe Korea – Where Innovation Meets Inspiration!

Discover the Unprecedented Fusion of International Brilliance of Various Contents, Exclusively Unleashed Here.

Meet experts from various fields in one place

We are bringing together AI specialists, new media content creators, and representatives from the public and government sectors. Industry experts will also be present to provide valuable insights and expert opinions.

Expand your network and create connections

Contents Universe Korea allows you to connect with people who share the same interests.

Meet new people or create new business ideas through workshops, online chats, 1:1 or business-to-business meetings, events, and more!

Enjoy a new kind of collaboration

There's nothing more exciting than meeting with like-minded people, bonding, and working together to solve a common problem together.

Makerthon, Contents Tech Hackathon, and ;wrtn Prompthon are great ways to develop yourself and contribute to the content tech industry, solve challenges you face, and start long-lasting collaborative relationships!

Meet various companies that will lead the trend

Meet Korea's leading contents, artificial intelligence, edu-tech, and other specialized companies and get innovative and creative ideas in one place!

If you want to share your innovative items with many people, apply now for the exhibition!

Get insights

Are you tired of boring conferences and talks?

Besides the informative schedule of conferences, workshops, and competitions, we have a program full of fun, lively, unique, and inspiring experiences like talk shows, parties, and recreation!

At Contents Universe Korea, you will get a chance to meet new 'mates' who travel the universe with you!

Not just for the three days of the conference, but throughout the year, create a new network of people who will push you toward the goals you want to achieve!

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