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(Done)[Cheongchun Byeolgok] - Embracing the Birth of New Traditions by Youth

Updated: Jul 10

※ Details of program

• Date: July 11 (TUE)

• Time: 19:30-21:00

• Location: KOUS (Near Samseong Stn. Line2)

• How to apply: Click to apply

"Cheongchun Byeolgok" (청춘별곡), a distinctive melody of youth heralding the birth of new traditions.

There exist young souls who encapsulate the brightest and most beautiful moments of youth within Korean traditional music.

In January, the selected young Korean traditional instrumental group, "Hamoye," and vocal group, "Yoon Seyeon x Tooeum Project," will present their enthralling performances!

Love, dreams, growth, courage, and various emotions and stories of youth will blossom anew in the hands of the next generation of Korean traditional musicians.

Listen closely to the spirited voices of these ambitious young stars, who aim to uplift and inspire today's youth through the mastery of traditional musical instruments.

Two teams of youthful talent, akin to the serene summer ocean and shimmering dewdrops, have prepared a fresh Cheongchun Byeolgok (청춘별곡) for this very day.

Join us in experiencing the rebirth of tradition, as these passionate young musicians pour their hearts into stirring emotions, delivering awe-inspiring performances, and awakening dormant passions.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and allure of Korean traditional music through the captivating performance of "Cheongchun Byeolgok."

• How to apply: Click to apply

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