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(Done) Dasik experience(Korean traditional tea and tea food)

Updated: Jun 14

Dear all,

For those intrigued by the realm of Korean traditional tea and tea food, an opportunity awaits you to create Dasik, a delectable Korean traditional tea delicacy.

● How to apply: Click to apply

Participate in our program and discover a path to inner tranquility through the splendid world of Korean tradition, where you can personally indulge in the art of tea appreciation and the crafting of tea-infused cuisine with help of the monk.

** Please bring small container so you can bring your handmade dasik home!

● How to apply: Click to apply

● Date: July. 7th(Fri)

● Time: 14:00-15:30

Price: 10,000 won

● Address: 2nd floor, Anguk Building, 39 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul(Near Anguk station, line #3, exit 1)

● Contact number: 02-3423-7961

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