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(Done)Global Family Chuseok Festival

Updated: Sep 22

**Join the Festive Celebration!**

How to Apply: Click to Join

We are thrilled to invite you to the "지구촌 온 가족이 함께하는 추석 명절 큰 잔치" (Global Family Chuseok Festival) happening on September 28, 2023. This special event promises an exciting day of traditional games, cultural experiences, and performances for everyone to enjoy.

**Event Details:**

- **Event Name:** "지구촌 온 가족이 함께하는 추석 명절 큰 잔치"

- **Date:** September 28, 2023 (Thursday)

- **Time:** 14:00 - 17:00 (Registration starts at 13:30)

- **Location:** 한국의집 (Korea House), 서울 중구 퇴계로36길 10 (Chungmuro Station Exit 3, Line 3, and Line 4)

- **Dress Code:** Hanbok or your country traditional clothes if you have (Best dress award)

How to Apply: Click to Join

**Event Highlights:**

- Yut Nori Tournament for everyone

- Traditional Culture Experiences and Traditional Performance Viewing

- Promotion of Community Activities

**Who Can Participate:**

- Domestic and international residents in Korea

- Limited to 160 participants (100 domestic, 60 international)

- Children below school age are not counted in the total, but they can join with a guardian.

How to Apply: Click to Join

**Available Programs with Limited Seats:**

- **떡 만들기 (Tteok Making-Korean Rice Cake):** 20 seats available

- **나전공예 체험 (Traditional Craft Experience):** 20 seats available

- **부채춤체험 (Buchaechum-Traditional Performances):** 10 seats available

- **다도 체험 (Dado-Korean Traditional Tea Experience):** 10 seats available

We look forward to celebrating this joyous Chuseok festival with you and creating lasting memories together. Thank you for your cooperation in making this event a success!

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