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(Done)Hand-drawing emoticon class

Updated: Aug 7

Join our hand-drawing emoticon class for those interested in creating their own emoticons, even without digital tools.

● How to apply: Click to apply

It's a simple, enjoyable, and free experience! Discover the creative power of expressing yourself through hand-drawn emoticons and unlock a whole new world of personalized communication.

No prior experience necessary; everyone is welcome to join and explore the art of emoticon creation!

This class will be conducted over two sessions on August 11th and August 18th. Mark your calendars and make sure to attend for both dates. Don't forget to bring along a pencil, eraser, color pencil, and a black-colored plus pen to make the most of this hands-on session.

○August 11th: Learn how to draw facial expression

○August 18th: Draw your own emoticon

● How to apply: Click to apply

● Date: August 11th AND 18th(Fri)

● Time: 14:00-16:30

● Preparation: Pencil, eraser, color pencil, and a black-colored plus pen.

● Address: 5F, 16, Yeoksam-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea.

● Contact number: 02-3423-7961

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