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(Done)Hanji Craft Oneday Class

Updated: Jul 10

Discover the beauty of Hanji craftsmanship and create a versatile tray that meets all your needs.

How to apply: Click to Apply

Join our Hanji Craft Program and learn to make a multi-purpose tray, perfect for organizing and serving.

Experience the art of Korean paper craft as you design and construct a practical and stylish tray.

Unleash your creativity in our Hanji Craft Workshop and craft a unique tray for various uses.

Immerse yourself in the world of Hanji and learn the skills to create a functional and decorative tray.

Transform ordinary paper into an extraordinary multi-functional tray in our Hanji Craft Program.

Combine traditional techniques with modern design in our program and make a versatile tray to impress your guests.

Join us in exploring the possibilities of Hanji and craft a beautiful and functional tray for any occasion.

How to apply: Click to Apply

※ Details of program

• Date: July 10 (MON)

• Time: 14pm-16pm

• Fee: 8,000won

• Venue: Gangnam Global Village Center

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