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(Done) Reading Gangnam Program

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Here is new offline voluntary program for you!

We need your help to conduct English book reading program for Korean parents

When you spend time sharing books with your child, you’re helping her/him build these important skills. But frequent book reading is just one part of helping your child learn – exactly how you share the book also makes a difference.

For helping Korean parents to read those English books for their kids we need you volunteer in our program and help us.

For letting Korean parents to learn and experience how to read various English books for their kids, Gangnam Global Village Center and Yeoksam Purunsol Library are inviting various English speaking countries people to share their reading style and give chance to those parents willing to hear natives reading style.

The Reading Gangnam program going to help parents support their children’s reading more effectively at home with support of native speakers from various countries.

Details of Program

Name of Program: Reading Gangnam

When: Once in a 2 weeks on Monday from 9 AM~10.30 AM (90 min)

How: Reading various books with parents to guide them

Participant: Each time 2 native speakers

Fee: It is volunteer program but transportation fee will be covered.

Where: Yeoksam Purunsol Library

How to Apply

Click to this link to apply for program

The Reading Gangnam program aims to teach parents how to read to, and talk with, their children in ways that build a love of reading and build a strong language and literacy foundation.

For more questions contact our center.

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